[OSM-dev] OSM binary format (pbf) 1.0 is in osmosis trunk.

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Thu Nov 18 22:47:26 GMT 2010

On 16-10-2010 9:55, Lennard wrote:
> On 16-10-2010 8:39, Brett Henderson wrote:
>> If anybody sees any issues with the binary support, please let Scott and
>> I know. I'm now building Osmosis via an automated Hudson process so
>> pushing out new builds should be fairly quick once a fix is identified.
> Scott already knows about this, but 23580[1] will emit a warning for
> every occurence of an object without user/uid parameters. These objects,
> the result of anonymous edits which were possible in the past, do exist
> in the planet, and could cause some flooding on the console output. In
> my eyes, this change should be reverted.

Just built the current trunk, and this output[1] is still present. Could 
you please consider removing this notice, or only output it once instead 
of for every anonymous element?

In fact, the suggestion being given is plain incorrect for some uses. 
For instance, when you're cutting out a piece of the planet, you're 
probably intending to distribute that extract as-is, i.e. with all 
metadata intact. The suggestion in that respect is too bold.

[1] "Attention: Data being output lacks metadata. Please use 


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