[OSM-dev] khtmlib new version online

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Fri Nov 26 08:40:50 GMT 2010

Am 25.11.2010 21:07, schrieb Bernhard Zwischenbrugger:
> Hi
>> Am 20.11.2010 18:08, schrieb Bernhard Zwischenbrugger:
>>> I have a new version of my khtmlib based map online.
>> Where can I get it?
>> The link at http://www.khtml.org/osm/v0.83/help.php is dead.
> The link is working now.
Are you sure?


links to


which gives 404

>> The source at http://www.khtml.org/ loads a alljs.php and a livejs

> The php puts together some files.
> If you download
> http://www.khtml.org/osm/v0.83/alljs.php
> you have the lib.

And what more? What does it put together?

> A good starting point is:
> http://www.khtml.org/osm/v0.83/examples/simple.html
Thank you.

>> The link to the Documentation for programers at help.php is dead
>> (http://www.khtml.org/osm/v0.83/programdocu.html)
> Thanks for bug report, I fixed that - but that's maybe not what you expect.
Are you sure?


links to


which gives 404

>> Where do i get the lib? Is there a compressed version? What additional
>> files (imgs, css) do I need?
> There is no compressed version at the moment.
> There are no additional files needed.

Thank you, I now see that the navi bar is pure CSS. Nice one :)


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