[OSM-dev] TR

yvecai yvecai at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 19:52:13 GMT 2010

www.openstreetmap.org uses yml files for i18n support, such as:

In these file, there is a section called 'search_osm_nominatim'. This 
section look like a pretty good attempt to give a human-readable version 
of osm most common tags.

I used this data for a legend, the proto can be found here: 
http://dev-yves.dyndns.org/legend/page.html, and the result is quite 
good complete (at least for i18n). The arabian translation gives a quick 
view of what tag are translated or not.

So, my question is, is it a good thing to enlarge the 
'search_osm_nominatim' section adding the tags non translated yet?  Some 
of them would be 'lighthouse', 'bollard', 'runway', 'permissive'...


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