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Brendan Morley morb.gis at beagle.com.au
Sat Oct 2 02:39:57 BST 2010

The following may be of interest to:

* Those who wish to contribute to CommonMap in future (i.e. adventures 
in non-Sharealike mapping)
* Tracking how well a Drupal site integrates with an OSM-like Rails website
* Those who also have experience in Drupal sysadmin


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Subject: 	CommonMap Mediawiki and Drupal sites
Date: 	Sat, 02 Oct 2010 11:20:30 +1000
From: 	Brendan Morley <morb_au at commonmap.info>
Organisation: 	CommonMap Inc
To: 	friends at commonmap.info, osm-fork at googlegroups.com

Friends of CommonMap and OSM fork group,

As you may know I have a Mediawiki site up at http://www.commonmap.info/
and an evaluation Drupal site up at http://demo.commonmap.org/drupal/

I think the Drupal site is good enough to fork into the flagship
position at http://www.commonmap.info/
And I would like to move the current inhabitant of
http://www.commonmap.info/ to something like http://old.commonmap.info/
I would like to do this in the next few days.

However as a sanity check I'd like to check in with the community, see
if you can see a flaw in my plan.

So, a little bit of background behind my motivation:

The intent of evaluating the Drupal software was to determine if it
could take over the wiki role, as well as the "user diary", issue
tracking, etc.  In OSM this is either covered by bespoke software (User
Diaries) or spread over several point solutions.

In contrast, Drupal brings the User diary (or in Drupal terms, per user
blogs) function into a larger community of developers.  Wrapping in the
other functions (like issue tracking) should allow for much richer
hyperlinking within the CommonMap community.

Other nice things that Drupal gives us:
* ReCAPTCHA spam deterrents
* Larger development community generally
* Filter by communities of interest (Professional vs Amateur, by region,
* Event posting and reminders
* Forum
* User profiles and friending

I can post the full list of Drupal modules I intend to enable, if anyone
is interested.

Generally the intent is to let OSM's rails code only handle the stuff
that unique to OSM-style projects (e.g. the REST API, and the metadata
browsing pages like http://www.demo.commonmap.org/browse/changeset/113)
- and let Drupal do the things that can benefit from a wider development

As for timing, well I really would like to launch this CommonMap thing
much more publicly and a big remaining part of that is getting all the
hyperlinks set up between the Rails site and the Drupal site.

I'm not sure what else requires explanation at this time, so please ask


Brendan Morley
President, CommonMap Inc.
morb_au at commonmap.info
Queensland Incorporated Association 37762

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