[OSM-dev] Renderd problems.

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Sat Oct 2 17:03:05 BST 2010

Am 02.10.2010 14:28, schrieb Kai Krueger:
> On -10/01/37 20:59, Peter Körner wrote:
>> but renderd had a hard limit of 1000 tiles in the queue.
> On the main OSM tile server, I believe, that limit is still there as a
> feature rather than a bug.

Our starting point was that we have a very little filled disk-cache and 
want to switch the whole German wikipedia traffic [1] to our own 
tileserver. Because of that we have during the day times a very lot of 
cache misses (we redirect the 404s to the main osm tileserver on the 
javascript level). The number of cache misses reached far over the 1000 
limit. We planned to have the server catch up during the night times but 
for this to work we needed it to record all the misses that happened 
during the day.

We've now gone another road: we took all the coordinates of all 
wikimedia articles of interest (Tim did some magic filter foo here) and 
threw it against tirex-batch before we switched the tile source over. 
This way reduced the number of 404s drastically but even now the number 
of dirty tiles in the queues was yesterday above 1400 [2].




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