[OSM-dev] Bin-test failed (different test)

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Sun Oct 3 17:13:02 BST 2010

Am 03.10.2010 17:56, schrieb Scott Crosby:
> When metadata is stripped during writing. No UID is stored. If that file
> is later read the binary reader has to plug in some UID for downstream
> osmosis and OsmUser.NONE is used. If the output of this processing is
> written to a binary file, without metadata stripping, the code will
> preserve the UID=-1 to the file. Now, when that file is read again, the
> reader passes the UID=-1 to downstream osmosis, which doesn't like it.
The solution sounds easy: When --write-bin is used without 
metadata-stripping on, reject writing an entity with OsmUser.NONE but i 
guess this will likely break reading a regular planet which has 
anonymous editor in it.


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