[OSM-dev] Area center calculation

Csongor Nemes csongor.nemes at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 17:26:13 BST 2010


I am contacting you regarding the calculation of centers of areas in OSM.

Our product, OpenMaps (currently available on the iPhone and the iPod
touch), is the only one which lets you tap on POIs on the map. We use the
default OSM map as the default map type in our app, but the user can change
to OpenCycleMap and OpenPisteMap as well; also the user can add custom map
types (e.g. OSM Osmarender). We need to know the exact location of the
symbol inside an area (currently we use an algorithm which doesn't always
match the rendered symbol's location). The best solution (from our
perspective) would be to request the calculated center from OSM, but I'm not
sure that it's possible. Otherwise we will implement the algorithm. If I'm
not mistaken slightly different algorithms are implemented in different
renderers. We are interested in the Mapnik version for now. Point me in the
right direction, please; where can I find a description of the algorithm and
which source files contain the implementation?

Thank you,
Csongor Nemes,
IZE, Ltd.
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