[OSM-dev] Suggestion about country specific maps

Jaak Laineste jaak.laineste at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 07:40:43 BST 2010

>> Then, the individual OSM websites (e.g. www.openstreetmap.de,
>> www.openstreetmap.jp, www.openstreetmap.ru etc.) would offer a language
>> version suited for everyone.
> We have experimented with complete translated map styles [1] as well as
> different language overlays [2] but it's still not more than an experiment.

Can you share your experiences with this. We are doing exactly this
(global OSM map in Estonian and possibly also in some very local
dialects) right now. My initial plan is quite simplistic:
1.modify style file of osm2pgsql to import name:et tags in addition to name
2.update planet_osm_x set name=name:et where name:et is not null;
update planet_osm_x set name=name:en where name:en is not null; The
last one should make  e.g. Israel readable for us: they have names in
Hebrew by default, but mostly have also English names
3. use the same stylesheet without modification
4. finetune style to be better fit for names (mostly local
administrative system) and some other minor improvements. Maybe we'll
add hillshading and some other local-specific data.
5. use local projection instead of global Mercator (just a wild idea).

 We have just set up a server platform, and have not the localization
part, can you comment what can possibly fail here, or what was your

OSM Estonia team

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