[OSM-dev] Fail to get OsmChange for some changesets

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Thu Oct 7 11:54:10 BST 2010

Am 07.10.2010 12:14, schrieb Andy Allan:
> The wider point is that the history dumps are, almost entirely,
> currently unusable for most people. If anyone has any suggestions for
> solving this problem, or wants to try making a toolchain to process
> the history dumps into history extracts, that would be great. There
> was discussion previously on adapting osmosis to handle history dumps,
> but I don't know if that resulted in any code.
I have developed a osmosis-plugin that allows reading a complete history 
dump into an extended simple schema. It also capable of calculating 
node-versions for the way-nodes table and linesting-geometries for each 
version of a way. It also supports building intermediate versions for a 
way each time one of its nodes changes and populate those intermediate 
versions with a linesting, too.

All of the extended features currently only work with a lot of memory 
because the only node-store implementation is an in-memory store, so it 
won't be able to read a complete planet-history-dump with the extra 
features, but the basic operation (loading the dump into a db) should work.

Sourcecode can be found at 


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