[OSM-dev] Data source for robot

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 17:02:05 BST 2010

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 3:23 PM, Peter Budny <peterb at gatech.edu> wrote:

> Example 1: Un-joined ways (due to chunks of a road being part of
> multiple imports, usually at county or state boundaries).
> Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of these out there, lurking
> unknown.  A robot could notice that there is a gap in the road and flag
> it as such on OpenStreetBugs.

If you aren't aware of the existing facilities we have to flag these
problems, I don't think you're really at the stage of planning such a
large-scale automated edit.

> Is this likely to introduce some errors?  Yes, a few.  I consider it to
> /already/ be wrong if it's supposed to be oneway=yes and isn't.  So the
> robot would be fixing more errors than it's introducing.

While you're entitled to your opinion, you aren't entitled to force
that opinion on the hundreds of community members who aren't reading
this list. The "fixing more errors than it introduces" argument is
simply not acceptable in OpenStreetMap.

Honestly, I think you should rethink your approach to solving the
problem. You seem to be tackling it from the perspective that running
a bot is the right way to solve it, and it's not. Until you can think
beyond this point I don't think the conversation is going to be very


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