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Peter Budny peterb at gatech.edu
Tue Oct 12 17:31:35 BST 2010

"Mike N." <niceman at att.net> writes:

>>Example 2: One-way roads.  TIGER isn't good about indicating the
>>directionality of a road, and there are a lot of rural areas that
>>haven't seen any editing yet.  Consequently, there are a lot of
>>dual-carriageways that are not marked as oneway=yes.  A robot could make
>>intelligent guesses at whether the road is a dual-carriageway (two
>>nearly-parallel roads with the same name, and at both ends only a single
>>with with the same name continues? hard to imagine what that could be
>>besides a single-carriageway becoming dual and then reverting to single)
>>and mark the ways as oneway=yes.
>   In my experience, a bot could never guess the correct 1-way from
> TIGER data.   For streets other than divided highways, only a survey
> or public data source used with permission can identify 1-way streets.
> Adding relations is perhaps the simplest part of all the tasks of
> Interstate highway editing that must be converted to dual
> carriageways.

True... maybe changing tags on the ways isn't appropriate.  However, if
a closed loop of identically-named ways with other matching ways
extending from the loop is detected, it's almost certainly fair to mark
it as a likely bug for a human to review.
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