[OSM-dev] Data source for robot

Alan Millar amillar503 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 10:44:05 BST 2010

>      they are trying to warn that making automated edits to as
> complex a data structure as OSM isn't as simple as it seems.

If that's what people want to say, they should say that.  Not "don't
write a bot; they're bad".

> Are you willing to check, by hand, every single change made by this bot?

I did check, by hand, every single change made by my own two bots, the
street unbraider and wikipedia airport/runway creator.   Big deal.

If you want manual checking of all automated edits, say "all automated
edits must be checked manually".  Don't say "no automated edits".

> What's getting missed in all this is that it's far less important that OSM
> uses a particular data structure (that's probably isomorphic to the
> alternative anyway) than that the data is an accurate representation of
> what's on the ground.

Hmm.  I think I'll just make up my own "no left turn" tag instead of
using that horribly complex turn restriction relation, which somebody
told me had some good reasoning behind it but I think is cumbersome to
edit.  It's a shame that somebody wasted their time writing a JOSM
plugin for it, when they could have spent the time "building
community" instead.  What's wrong with those dev people?  Some people
just don't get it.

- Alan

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