[OSM-dev] OSM binary format (pbf) 1.0 is in osmosis trunk.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Oct 17 18:42:53 BST 2010


Scott Crosby wrote:
> I think the perfect permanent place for Stefan's implementation, and 
> your idea of wrapping it up as a debian package, is with 
> the http://github.com/scrosby/OSM-binary main repository. Is there an 
> OSM GIT I can clone it to, or should it really be put into OSM SVN?

I don't like git, and I especially dislike github (not using sourceforge 
either); but that's a personal thing, so don't let that discourage you 
from continuing to use it for development. I'll just make sure every now 
and then that there is a working version in SVN.

(My dislike of git stems largely from ignorance and is likely to vanish 
over time. At the moment I have grown used to the one-stop-shop that is 
our SVN; with git I miss the option to say "check out all OSM projects", 
as well as the option to commit to trunk for all OSM projects without 
first signing up to external services and/or find out who the maintainer 
is and ask them for permission.)


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