[OSM-dev] OSM binary format (pbf) 1.0 is in osmosis trunk.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Oct 17 19:11:08 BST 2010


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Allow people to pull from you instead of push them your (unreviewed)
> code, as you do now with svn. Different mentality but generates a better
> quality project overall.

Not what I want, because

(1) every project will have to have a maintainer who decideds what gets 
pulled into trunk - this introduces more formality than we have now;

(2) as a committer, I want it to be *my* decision whether I commit 
something right away - in cases where I'm sure it is good - or whether I 
want to discuss with others first. That's in keeping with the spirit of 
OSM where you don't have to ask for permission to edit the map.

(3) as a user, I will have to hunt through mailing lists and whatnot and 
compile the cryptic URLs of private repositories to pull from, rather 
than having a one-stop shop.

I can see git being useful for something like the Linux kernel, but I 
can't see advantages for OSM at the moment. The "different mentality" 
you speak of is probably what I object to; compared with a classic SVN 
project where you have only a handful of committers, git may offer more 
flexibility but compared with OSM where everyone gets SVN access...?

But as I said - it doesn't have to be either-or, you can go ahead with 
the cutting edge development on git and we can every now and then pull 
something workable into SVN, with a big README that says please apply 
changes to git only.


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