[OSM-dev] Unknown xml element changeset

Dmytro Korochkin mityacor at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 14:08:08 BST 2010

Hello osm-dev

I'm trying to create the latest planet.osm file with osmosis 0.32.1 ,
but getting a lot such warnings:

Oct 29, 2010 1:59:13 PM
WARNING: Unknown xml element changeset. publicId=(null),
systemId=(null), lineNumber=37574, columnNumber=3

The command line I use is:
pbzip2 -d -c planet-101027.osm.bz2 | ./osmosis --rxc
20101027-20101028.osc.gz --rxc 20101028-20101029.osc.gz --mc
--fast-read-xml-0.6 - --ac --wx planet-101029.osm.bz2

Do you know if it is critical?

Dmytro Korochkin

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