[OSM-dev] PBF parsing frontend for osm2pgsql, tester wanted

Hartmut Holzgraefe hartmut at php.net
Sun Oct 31 23:02:54 GMT 2010

I've extended osm2pgsql to dynamically support different parsing
frontends and added direct .pbf reading support which is roughly
based on code heavily inspired by from pbf2osm

Changes in this branch over osm2pgsql trunk include:

* configure now properly checks requirements

* libxml2 based and primitive xml parsing are now both supported
   by the default build

* additional frontend for reading .osm.pbf files

The reading frontend can be selected using the --input-reader=...
(or -r) command line option. Possible values are 'xml2' (default),
'primitive' or 'pbf'.

The current protobuf-c-0.14 is required to build, older versions
will not work. Building without PBF support is not possible yet,
but is on my Todo list.

Current source is available as


and a bazaar branch repository is available at


So far the status is "works for me" only so i'd like to get some
testing feedback ...

PS: as the code is already a mix of C and C++ files it might make
     sense to convert the parser, middle and out "plugin" interfaces
     to C++ classes as well?

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