[OSM-dev] how to position nominatim icon?

bernhard zwischenbrugger bz at datenkueche.com
Thu Sep 2 17:32:27 BST 2010

  Hi again

I have seen, that nominatim now gives an icon for search results like in 
this example:

<place place_id='10714' osm_type='node' osm_id='17328659' 
lat='48.2092252' lon='16.3736665' display_name='Wien, Vienna, 
Österreich, Europa' class='place' type='city' 

The icon is something like a flag.
The _BASE_ of the flag should show the location.

Sometimes there are other icons that use the  _CENTER_ of the icon to 
descibes a location.

If the icon uses the base I have to move the icon like:

If the center is usered I have to move the icons like:

How can my program know where to move the icon?

I hope you are able to understand the question.

Here you can try this:
(search and mouseover)

lg, Bernhard

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