[OSM-dev] [Marble-devel] NOTICE: gazetteer.osm.org being retired

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 20:05:17 BST 2010

> Now knowing that the gazetteer index hasn't been updated in 2 years and was
> considered internally deprecated, it means support for it was implemented in
> Merkaartor (and probably Marble) while the service was already dead but
> still accessible.

I look at this situation as some miscommunication. It's not that the
service was going away in a few weeks, but rather the problem was that
the original service deprecation wasn't widely announced.

I might suggest to OSMers who can make such decisions that services
that are going away have a deprecation warning in them so that it's
clear the service is going away.

Imagine if every Merkaartor user who did a search received  "This
service is depricated. Please use Nomimatim." in every search result.
This surely would have triggered a bug report, if nothing else.

- Serge

- Serge

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