[OSM-dev] [Marble-devel] NOTICE: gazetteer.osm.org being retired

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Sep 4 21:53:24 BST 2010


Nic Roets wrote:
> From Wikipedia's experience we know that people are hesitant to
> contribute to anything with a corporate affiliation to it. ("Why
> should I do anything more than report a bug ? They have so much money
> that their people can fix the data" )

I would love that to be true but the popularity of Google Map Maker 
seems to prove otherwise. On the whole, I don't think people even care.

> The other choice would be a second non-profit site. Kind of like
> Debian is to kernel.org. The site would try to capture it's own
> donations. So it would limit the number of links to osm.org e.g. by
> embedding Potlatch. And it would not want to spend money on
> development, so it would copy large parts of osm.org. So it will be
> just a few steps away from becoming an outright fork... 

I don't see a problem with there being such a site. I'd request that 
they make clear that they are not OSM, and do not own OSM, but I think 
Debian does that pretty well with regard to Linux.

(Ideally, I'd love there to be a handful such sites, just as there's a 
handful of good Linux distributions, each catering to the whims of a 
different audience.)


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