[OSM-dev] Release candidate for OSM binary format is in osmosis trunk.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 22 13:34:44 BST 2010


Anthony wrote:
> Mine would be that I don't feel like installing osmosis+java.

I'm sure we'll get a pure C/C++ implementation sooner or later; even so, 
there certainly will be people who don't "feel like" installing it.

> Another problem would be if osmosis doesn't support piping the output
> xml to stdout.

It does support piping the output XML to stdout.

> I'd hope there would at least be a reference implementation in C
> before the existing standard was removed.
> I'm not sure exactly what files it is we're talking about changing, though.

Yes, maybe that was my fault for not making this clear; I am only 
talking about the files that are now being made available on the 
geofabrik.de site. I'm pretty sure that the original planet file will 
remain .osm.bz2 for quite some time.


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