[OSM-dev] Spatialite in OSM context

Igor Brejc igor.brejc at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 22:35:35 BST 2010

> That work flow (osm2pgsql+PostGIS+pgsql2sqlite) does not help the end user
> very much. But perhaps someday there will be ready made Spatialite
> database files for download, with indexes and perhaps a bunch of views.
> Then it would be possible to download one single data file bundled with,
> let's say, QGis or OpenJUMP project file, or Mapnik style file or
> Mapserver mapfile, and then just run the application. I believe I will
> start building Spatialite and Mapserver mapfile bundles for Finland later
> this year.

I've been working on such a thing a year ago - I managed to get Kosmos to
save OSM data from an OSM XML file into a  Spatialite database and then use
it for rendering.

The source code is currently in hibernation, since I switched my development
efforts from Kosmos to Maperitive, but I'm planning to include it into
Maperitive in the following months.

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