[OSM-dev] pbf2osm development has started [code to test!]

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 29 23:21:44 BST 2010


Stefan de Konink wrote:
> When this tool is polished enough (must include some bbox'ing then) we
> can think about osm2pbf.

Speaking of "polished": The program currently produces invalid XML 
because " and & are not escaped, leading to lines like

<tag k="name" v="Gasthaus "Zum Eckenhaider Schloß""/>
<tag k="operator" v="DB Station & Service AG"/>

Same for ampersand characters in user names.

Other than that, it runs about twice as fast as Osmosis so that's a good 
sign. What does the README mean when it says: "At the time of writing it 
can only handle dense nodes"?


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