[OSM-dev] pbf2osm development has started [code to test!]

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Sep 30 03:09:00 BST 2010

On Wed, 29 Sep 2010, Anthony wrote:

> In addition to " and &, you need to escape <.  planet.c also escapes
>> .  It uses character references for each (", &, <, and
> >).  planet.c also escapes carriage return, line feed, and tab, as
, and 	.  AFAICT it is legal to include these unescaped
> (though it would be nice to escape at least line feeds to make it
> easier on fast, non-XML-compliant parsers).

What is currently in git escapes the first 5 cases. But doing the other 
few shouldn't be a big issue. I implemented an almost printf free version, 
but I have some problems getting good benchmarks between versions, need to 
find out where some massive overhead comes from.

(Some person schedules bulk processing every night... while I'm coding... 
no clue why he can't schedule them when people are not coding... *g*)


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