[OSM-dev] "OSM Server Developer's Platform" An Idea for GSoC

Graham Jones grahamjones139 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 19:43:04 BST 2011

Hi Parveen,
I like this idea - getting the toolchain(s) working is quite tedious, and is
a significant learning curve for new users.
I think that you need to develop your idea into a proposal (pretty quickly -
I do not think there is much time left for GSoC applications?  you need to
check the time table!).
A few comments from me on your idea:

   - You need to be clear what it is that you are proposing to build 'OSM
   Server' can mean a few different things from an API server to use for your
   own version of OSM, or I think you might mean a map rendering tile server?
   - I think an easy set up for a map rendering system would be good.  It
   would be really nice if on my ubuntu system I could type "sudo apt-get
   install osm_mapnik2_tileserver" and it sets up the database etc.
   - Which operating systems would this work on?  A linux variant like
   ubuntu would be the easiest, but it is also the easiest system to get it
   working on manually.   I think people really struggle with Windows
   installations (but I have no experience of trying to install the toolsets on
   - I would recommend using the operating system's package management
   system to avoid writing too much yourself, but there should be a fair amount
   of coding required to set up all of the right installation paths for the
   various tools etc.

As to whether this exists already or not, I have not found it, but someone
did once say there was a 'liveCD' for some of this, which may have some of
what you are proposing if you can find it.



On 5 April 2011 19:16, Parveen Arora <parveenaroraosm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I want to submit the proposal for GSoC with Openstreet Map
> Organisatiion. So  I have written my  Idea to write on their wiki page.
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GSoC_Project_Ideas_2011#OSM_Server_Developer.27s_Platform
> Please let me know If any thing like this already exists, or please
> discuss or give suggestions what else can I do with this, also If this
> Idea requires any changes.
> All the Suggestions will be welcomed.
> Is there also any separate list for doing GSoC discussions for OSM.
> --
> With Kind Regards
> Parveen Arora
> www.parveenarora.in
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Graham Jones
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