[OSM-dev] tirex with custom tileschema

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon Apr 11 11:35:28 BST 2011

Hi Steven,

Am 11.04.2011 12:24, schrieb Steven M. Ottens:
 > I'm using a modified tileserver.js on node.js which I've gotten from
 > Peter//Körner to access Tirex. However when I request tiles I get a
 > HTTP 500 Internal server error and the X-Error header says 'render
 > error'.

really nice to hear somebody using the Tileserver :)

To get debug-info from tirex it's best to start it in debug mode:

first disable the running serive using
   /etc/init.d/tirex-backend-manager stop

then start your own debug instance
   sudo -u tirex tirex-backend-manager --debug

then restart the master (use another shell session)
   /etc/init.d/tirex-master restart

now take a look at the running debug instance while requesting tiles.


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