[OSM-dev] XAPI and other solutions

Igor Podolskiy igor.podolskiy at vwi-stuttgart.de
Tue Apr 26 22:13:27 BST 2011


> Igor Podolskiy wrote:
>> osmosis --rb /dev/stdin --tee 3 --b --b --b --tf --tf -tf --wx --tf
>> --tf --un --wx --tf --un --uw --merge -merge --wx
>> (Though if I'd be doing this for real, I'd spell out the at least the
>> out/in-pipe names,
> You would have to. The intermediate "--wx" in your command line must be
> removed,
Shame on me, I wanted to move the --wx and I copied it. Sorry.

> and then without explicitly specifying the in/out pipes, the
> second and third block of "--tf" rules would be applied in sequence
> rather than in parallel!
Of course you're right. That's why I gave up on working with Osmosis 
without spelling out the pipe names if it gets more complex than "--rx 
--bb --wx". I should never have tried to change that pipeline in the 
first place, I was doomed right from the start ;)

Best regards

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