[OSM-dev] applying hourly OSM diffs with osmosis gradually messes up database

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Mon Aug 1 11:03:46 BST 2011

Am 01.08.2011 12:00, schrieb Daniel Behr:
> thanks Peter.
> nope, not yet. I thought when I set the BBOX larger than my dataset this
> would be no problem and I read it somewhere that it takes that argument
> for updates, too.
> I'll try that on the next run, but how does it behave outside the BBOX
> then? It doesnt matter if the map gets messed up there, but what about
> the database size, doesnt it increase drastically?

I think so, but it would help to know if this is the cause of your 
problem. Maybe you just have to make the BBOX bigger..

Some people try to reduce the size by running a DELETE once a week just 
before the VACUUM.


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