[OSM-dev] Problem with duplicate keys

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Wed Aug 10 10:58:01 BST 2011


Am 10.08.2011 11:54, schrieb Adrian Chapela:
> I am trying to make my own nominatim server with some countries of the
> world but I am having a lot of duplicate keys when I am trying to add a
> country.
> Example:
> I import hait+dominican republic
> ./osm2pgsql -lsc -O gazetteer -C 2000 -U postgres -d gazetteer
> haiti-and-domrep.osm
> Then when I am tried to add cuba I am receiving duplicate key error:
> ./osm2pgsql -las -C 2000 -O gazetteer -U postgres -d gazetteer cuba.osm
> How could I solve that ? or How could I find where is the error ?

It's unusual to import to files into one database, because they often 
overlap and contain the same entity two times. It's better to take a 
bigger extract and cut out the parts you need (eg. using osmosis) and 
import that extract.


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