[OSM-dev] How to update a full-history planet file

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Sun Aug 14 21:40:47 BST 2011


what tools do currently exist to keep a full history planet updated?

talks mysteriously about "some osmosis operations" that seam to work.

The task I'm looking for is simple. I have the full history planet as 
pbf, want to apply all diffs (let's use hourly-replication (--rri) as 
it's a full history stream) and write out a pbf again.

first thing lacking seams to be support for "HistoricalInformation" in 
the --read-pbf task.

Peter Körner mentioned at SotmEU that currently no tool exists and 
osmium could be used to create such a tool.
Does this still apply or has someone written a diff application tool 
that can handle full history files?

osmconvert seams to be able to process history files as well as apply 
diffs to them. But it can not write pbf. So the rest of my tools can not 
work with the files. and 500GB .osm XML is no fun to process.

Is there any alternative to using the xml format?


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