[OSM-dev] NOT-saving empty Mapnik tiles

Igor Podolskiy igor.podolskiy at vwi-stuttgart.de
Mon Aug 15 22:15:14 BST 2011


> No, it stops as soon as it sees the second color (for getcolors(1))...
ummm, my gut says there isn't a second color in a single-color image :)

> and Mapniks tostring() and PILs fromstring() are just a memory copy. So this will also be fast. Of course, you need PIL as a dependency.
Don't know about Mapnik, but since I had the PIL sources open anyway, I 
looked it up. PILs fromstring() is a bit more involved than a memory 
copy. It actually has a cyclomatic complexity of three. Of course, it 
most probably _is_ quite fast so that you can't tell it from a memory 
copy for most practical purposes.

In the end, the First Networking Truth holds: It Has To Work. But that's 
for Markus to decide what works for his app (and an occasional mailing 
list archive reader in the future).


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