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sorel johann johann.sorel at geomatys.fr
Wed Aug 17 13:48:26 BST 2011


see inline.

On 17/08/2011 14:03, BG wrote:
> Hej there,
> At the moment I am working on my bachelor thesis using osm data to 
> create cached-wms (wmsc).
> I now have a running mapnik based tirex tile-server combined with a 
> wms via mod_mapnik_wms. Next, I want to use the tilecache.org wmsc.
> I have some questions and hope to find help along my path.
> 1. Are there any possibilties to check the performance of a wms/wmsc? 
> I want to compare the server performance. I just need to see, if wmsc 
> is faster than wms.
You are comparing apples and strawberries.

In WMS the server paint the image for each demand in different crs with 
different styles, diferent size ....

WMSC are cached precalculated image, he just return the cached image. 
wmsc is a hundred time less intelligent and uses plenty of disque space. 
you can compare wmsc with brut force single purpose precalculated maps.

> 2. I thought wmsc has to be faster than wms - but nobody is using it, 
> is there a reason?
WMSC is obsolete, WMTS is the real OGC specificiation. osm uses 
something which is not normalized, some kind of custom TMS service. 
several projects out there us custom services, google maps, bing maps, 
yahoo maps ...
If you just need osm, then use his TMS. if you are concerned about 
interoperability use WMTS.

> Best regards,
> Bernd

johann sorel

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