[OSM-dev] Free OSM tag queries, WMS and WFS

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at latuviitta.fi
Thu Aug 18 15:37:12 BST 2011


This is not invented here and thus perhaps not so interesting, but anyway.
By using copy-paste and a browser it is possible

1. Select by OSM tags all the primary highways and show them on a map,borders,osm_viivat&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=image/png&BBOX=-369151.98300283286,6597900.0,1511076.628895184,8057331.444759207&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=&sql=(tags
@> 'highway=>primary')

2. Select by OSM tags all the primary highways without maxspeed tag. Hint
for a mappers to improve quality?,borders,osm_viivat&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=image/png&BBOX=-369151.98300283286,6597900.0,1511076.628895184,8057331.444759207&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=&sql=(tags
@> 'highway=>primary') AND not (tags ? 'maxspeed')

3. Download the data that was used for rendering the previous primary way
without maxspeed tag map.
@> 'highway=>primary') AND not (tags ? 'maxspeed')

No own development done, just playing with existing possibilities of
MapServer WMS and WFS and osm2pgsql with hstore. Actually data
interoperability without imports is demostrated as well because layers sea
and borders are not OSM data. It is a live service, feel free to try other
free tag queries.

-Jukka Rahkonen-

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