[OSM-dev] How to show isochrones on slippy map

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Sat Aug 20 19:33:09 BST 2011

So now that I'm figuring out the necessary bits to generate isochrones
(or rather distance isolines) from OSM+pgRouting+GRASS, I'd like to
put this on a little web app to allow users to specify an arbitrary
start point and distance (and later select from several profiles). I'm
not sure what's best/fastest, to just send a raster to be overlaid on
the OSM basemap, or to send it as a vector. I've done very little with
OpenLayers, so I'm wandering through the woods quite a bit here. I was
thinking of copying from the pgRouting workshop (i.e. use PHP process
clicks and to deliver data).

You can see an example map here:

Any pointers to similar implementations would be appreciated, either
for inspiration or code reuse.


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