[OSM-dev] Rails Port - GPX Import Success Email

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Sun Aug 28 00:09:26 BST 2011

On 27/08/11 20:43, Graham Jones wrote:

> I am trying to find the code that produces the automatic 'GPX Import
> Success' email, but am struggling.

Well if you're looking at the rails code then you're looking at the 
wrong code - we have used the ruby GPX importer for several years now.

What we use is the C import code, which you can find here:


>                                    I can find the bits that displays
> the number of points uploaded etc., but I am trying to find the code to
> produce the URL to view the trace - I just want to encode it so that it
> can handle the space in my user name, because the URL appears like this
> for me:

I think somebody raised a trac ticket for this - it may even have been 
you. I did look at it briefly but it was going to take quite a bit of 
work to fix so I gave up.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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