[OSM-dev] Merkaator port to Android

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Sun Dec 4 15:26:29 GMT 2011

Am 04.12.2011 15:46, schrieb Cartinus:
> On Sunday 04 December 2011 12:02:58 Jaak Laineste wrote:
>> >  So I would have two questions:
>> >  a) Would there be enough users for full editor (Merkaator in
>> >  particular, as it should be technically easier to port) on "Android
>> >  netbooks"? This would be for office, not so much for field use.
> No interest in this. I prefer to do the "real" mapping on a 24" screen and
> with a real mouse.
Sorry, but same for me. -> Complex tasks are better at home

>> >  b) Would there be enough interest for new Walking Papers for Android
>> >  or iPad (and which of them) app? This would have following key
>> >  capabilities:
>> >    - preload offline background map. Simplified BW style like in Walking
>> >  Papers, also WMS extracts.
>> >    - drawing draft lines and notes on top of that, saves it as GPX which
>> >  needs postprocessing on JOSM
>> >    - easy graphical tag editing with presets, saves OSM changes, can be
>> >  postprocessed with JSOM, but in simpler cases good enough for direct
>> >  upload.
>> >    - save GPS track
>> >    - maybe take and save photos, with geotags
>> >    - no graphical way editing, only point moving for standalone nodes
>> >  (like in MapZen POI collector)
>> >    - scalable also for phones, but best with tablets
> Very interested in this. After I got my tablet I looked for an "electronic
> walking-papers", but I haven't found any (or combination of) app(s)
> that "works for me".
Well but this dosn't brings the pros, that you don't need to reedit this 
notes? But of course this is something that would be useful, too :)


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