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On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 5:54 AM, Nick Whitelegg
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>>- drawing draft lines and notes on top of that, saves it as GPX which
>>needs postprocessing on JOSM
> (Sorry, meant to send this to the list. Damn the email client! ;-) )
> This is actually quite similar to an idea I had in mind for opening up OSM contribution to casual walkers/hikers. Such an app would record GPX (only). However, a user would be able to select the highway type (footpath, bridleway, cycleway etc) which would then be tagged in the GPX.

This is exactly what OSMTracker for Android does. It records GPX
traces and lets you add any of various preset notes via big graphical
buttons which are recorded in waypoints. When the file is opened in
JOSM it shows the text that was recorded in the waypoints. It also
supports recording audio and taking pictures. As long as the
pictures/audio clips are exported along with the GPX file, JOSM shows
a small icon for these as well and when you click on it, it either
opens the built in photo viewer or your system's default auido
playback application to play back the audio note.

It even listens for the media button event that Android has so it will
automatically start recording an audio clip when you push the
play/pause/answer button on your headset. I recently used this to
record things on a car trip after it got too dark to take pictures.


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