[OSM-dev] ogr2poly.py with buffering and simplifying

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Mon Dec 5 18:29:41 GMT 2011

I created a Python script to convert OGR supported files (Shapefile
and many others) to the polygon filter file format used by Osmosis and
other tools. It will optionally buffer and simplify polygons for you.
You can buffer point and line features to create polys as well.

My motivation was for extracting OSM data for county political and
school districts, the boundaries of which are provided as Shapefiles.
I could have assembled ogr2osm, polyconvert, polybuffer, and
simplify-poly, but writing this seemed easier.

Take a look here, and please provide any comments. I can put it on the
OSM SVN later:


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