[OSM-dev] License Change View on OSM Inspector

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Dec 12 10:08:47 GMT 2011


    I've added a world-wide license change map to OSM Inspector:


This is based on the per-object data I have on wtfe.gryph.de, combined 
with a current planet file. The view is updated nightly, and drawn on 
OSMI using a large bitmap for the smaller zoom levels, and detailed 
shape files for the higher zooms.

The shape files and overview bitmap can be downloaded separately from a 
temporary server (; the shape files are probably the 
easiest starting point for someone who wants to draw their own maps or 
make other analyses. They are quite large though (more than 1 GB each) 
so don't expect to be able to just open them in QGis ;)

Statistics are available on http://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/munin.html, 
an detailed documentation on 

I'm not sending this to talk/twitter/blogs etc just yet because I was 
hoping that some of you might test drive the service and do a few spot 
checks to see if it does what it is supposed to do. Such a spot check 
would typically consist of zooming in to an area where something is red 
or orange, clicking on the object to see its ID, then use the OSM data 
browser to look at the object history to see if that object really has a 
relicensing issue.

I'm happy for technical discussion to take place here but I'll send a 
similar message to legal-talk so that if there are questions more legal 
than technical, they can be discussed there.


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