[OSM-dev] Merkaator port to Android

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Fri Dec 23 06:21:13 GMT 2011

On Friday, December 02, 2011 12:56:02 PM Jaak Laineste wrote:
> Hi,
>  as you may now, during GSoC QGIS was ported to Android tablets
> (http://hub.qgis.org/projects/quantum-gis/wiki/QGIS_Mobile_GSoC_2011).
> Merkaator has technically same base elements: Qt, GEOS, PROJ.4 etc, so
> based on this experience porting of Merkaator could be also possible
> with much smaller fuss. It should be even smaller work than getting
> JOSM working under Android.
>  Question: do you know anyone who really would need and use it?

FYI, there is a Mobile Merkaartor in it's source repo:


No idea on it's status, though. I remember seeing something about a Merkaartor 
port to Lighthouse (Qt for Android) but can't find it now.

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