[OSM-dev] kothic-js demo with LandForm Panorama contours on Freemap

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Sat Dec 31 15:46:11 GMT 2011


2011/12/30 Nick Whitelegg <Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk>:
> Hi,
> Over Christmas I've been knocking together a demo which uses kothic-js
> client side rendering for Freemap, incorporating LandForm PANORAMA contours.
> You can see it at http://www.free-map.org.uk/0.6/; full details on the blog
> post at http://www.free-map.org.uk/wordpress/?p=221. It's best viewed in
> Chrome (see the blog post), though it's been tested on Firefox 8 and Opera
> 11.6 as well.
Very nice!

> To summarise: I'm pretty impressed with the lightweight clean simplicity of
> the components (e.g. Leaflet, geojson, mapcss, most of which I hadn't played
> with until now) and am generally pleased with the performance of kothic-js
> itself. One or two issues (not sure if the developers of kothic can answer
> these): I'm having difficulty with line features at tile boundaries. If any
> line features have coordinates of x=0 or y=0, or x=granularity or
> y=granularity, the whole tile rendering messes up, consequently I have to
> convert such coordinates to 1 or granularity-1 respectively. I use postgis
> ST_Intersection() with the bounding box to crop the geometries. Polygon
> features don't seem to have this problem... any idea?

Linear features, if they have their end on tile boundary, should be
continued outside the tile to omit the effect of "linecap inside line"
problem. So the bug is somewhere near there. Do you have any
screenshots? (you can send them directly to me or attach to bugzilla).

> Overall though I'm impressed and consequently kothic-js is likely to form
> the basis of the next revision of Freemap.

Nice present for new year :3

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