[OSM-dev] Problem with Nominatim

Martien Scheepens martien at fmf.nl
Fri Feb 4 23:25:04 GMT 2011

Hi all,

I encountered a problem with Nominatim in correctly naming the area where a
place is in. For example the Dutch town Groningen. The municipality
Groningen is in the province Groningen and the country the Netherlands.
Nominatim says that is belongs to the districts Aurich and Grafschaft
Bentheim (two different districts) and Germany
I have tested some more places across the Netherlands and in the German
border area and found that this problem occurs only in the Netherlands and
only if the province (admin_level=4) has a border (with Germany or Belgium)
Can you look into this? The error was reproduced by other members of the
Dutch mailing list, too. It was advised to write a mail to this list where
the chance is higher that someone with great skills can determine what the
problem is.


Martien Scheepens
(on OSM: MartienSch)
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