[OSM-dev] OpenID for OpenStreetMap?

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 22:51:49 GMT 2011

On -10/01/37 20:59, Tom Hughes wrote:
> On 10/02/11 00:46, Samat K Jain wrote:
>> Recent discussions on IRC have been making me want to bring up—why does OpenStreetMap not yet support OpenID?
> Because there are a few outstanding issues with the implementation (yes,
> we have an implementation) that we need to resolve first.
> Actually, they're mostly not with the implementation but with the fact
> that the unit tests are currently broken on that branch. I know how to
> fix that now, but I haven't had time to do it.
>> Apparently, OpenID is already (mostly) implemented in a dev install of the rails port:
>>    http://openid.dev.openstreetmap.org/

There has been a fully functional implementation of OpenID consumer 
support since about May last year waiting to be merged.

It included a reasonable and functional set of automatic integration 
testing to verify it worked. The thing missing was that you needed to 
type in an additional command to start the local OpenID test server as 
it didn't include a method to start it automatically from the rails 
testing framework.

There is also a set of patches to improve usability for new account 
sign-ups through OpenID. By auto-accepting emails for new accounts of 
trusted OpenID providers like gmail, it would remove several steps from 
the sign up process for those signing up with OpenID.

>> It doesn't appear to work anymore, however; at least I'm unable to login with my normal OSM credentials and associate my OpenID with them.
> Your normal OSM credentials won't work, no. That's a test server using a
> separate database.
> Frankly though a bigger question is whether we want to. I've never been
> that convinced because OpenID just doesn't seem to be getting the
> necessary traction to really work.

Yes, I guess that is the real reason why it has never been deployed so 
far, a lack of interest, and so by now it has unfortunately bit rotted 
away and is no longer functional. (Although I guess it wouldn't be too 
hard to fix it up again if it had a real chance of getting merged)

> On top which some fairly high profile sites have even started dropping
> support for it now!

With gmail and yahoo accounts, together with a large number of other 
OpenID provider there are still more than enough OpenIDs to make it 
worth while.

Also it is entirely additional to the standard username and password 
login/signup. So those who want to use it can and everyone else can 
happily ignore it or use a combination of both, which ever suits one 
best at the time.

> Tom


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