[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql: "going over pending relations" number larger than relations?

Michael Kussmaul kussmaul.list at nix.ch
Wed Feb 16 10:00:16 GMT 2011


I have imported the full planet last November and now keep the db up-to-date weekly (based on daily diffs I fetch every week with osmosis). It worked nicely so far, but in the current import I see something strange:

Reading in file: /Users/map/import/data/changes.osc.gz
Processing: Node(21177k) Way(2326k) Relation(34k)  parse time: 283207s

Node stats: total(21177902), max(1145198079)
Way stats: total(2326039), max(98985030)
Relation stats: total(34113), max(1418290)

Going over pending ways
processing way (1544k)

Going over pending relations
processing relation (40k)

So from my understanding, the diff contained 34K relations, but currently it processes relation 40K in the "Going over pending relations" step. Is this possible/normal? I guess if I now stop the import I have to start over with a full planet?

kind regards

PS: I use PostgreSQL 8.4 and osm2pgsql from SVN-revision 24244 (Nov 7, 2010)

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