[OSM-dev] [dev] OSMembrane - GUI front-end for Osmosis

Igor Podolskiy igor.podolskiy at vwi-stuttgart.de
Wed Feb 16 12:27:51 GMT 2011

Hi Tobias, hi everybody,

> we're three students which had to develop a *Graphical Interface for
> Osmosis* during a practical task. This task now is finished and we'd
> like to release our product to the real world and see whether the world
> needs it or not.
well, for what it's worth, I am interested, and my employer is too, 
indirectly :) This shouldn't be much of a surprise at least for the 
three OSMembrane authors, as I'm the one who created this university 
assignment in the first place - and the OSMembrane folks did a very good 
job while solving it, IMHO.

Now that we're done with the formal university assignment part: like I 
said, we use Osmosis at work, and we're very much in the real world ;)

> And additionally, since we won't be able to spend too much additional
> time on this project we'd also like to offer the possibility to maintain
> the project and continue the development, if anyone likes to.
I am definitely interested in helping with that, too - it'd really be a 
pity if the project vanished into oblivion.

Best regards

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