[OSM-dev] OSM formats optimised for client-side vector rendering?

Tim Teulings tim at framstag.com
Thu Feb 17 17:02:01 GMT 2011


> However I'm wondering if there is any consensus on a "standard" OSM data
> format optimised for vector rendering. There seems to be the OSM Mobile

No, as for the reason other people already have mentioned. For 
libosmscout (clientside *offline* map rendering) the data format requires:
* As much data massaging in the preprocessing, since on the fly style 
evaulation must be powerful but fast, too (no time to iterate over list 
of strings representing tags).
* The internal *disk* binary format must allow fast search and access 
capabilities so database-like mechanisms are used.

For somebody that wants to render small areas on the fly the format is 
to heavy and requires too much preprocessing, for somebody that wants to 
render any map possible but with no interactive responsivness 
requirements for zooming and moving the format is not powerful enough. 
There is always a trade of :-/


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