[OSM-dev] Changeset upload answering Not Found at Dev API

"Álvaro Monares G." amonares at dcc.uchile.cl
Sat Feb 26 08:04:10 GMT 2011

Hi everybody. I'm using the josm class osmApi.java 
which I modified to work with a database to create an also delete nodes, 
at this time.
Mainly I am dealing with the function sendRequest.
The creation of nodes and changeset (open and close) are working good.
I have a issue when trying to delete, jsom class said that:

// can't use a the individual DELETE method in the 0.6 API. Java doesn't 
// submitting a DELETE request with content, the 0.6 API requires it, 
however. Falling back
// to diff upload.

So I need to create an XML changeset for example this:
<osmChange version="0.1" generator="Huilliche BOT">
<delete version="0.1" generator="Huilliche BOT">
<node id="913651276" version="1" changeset="8634"/>
<node id="672790343" version="2" changeset="8634"/>
<node id="588173111" version="1" changeset="8634"/>
<node id="830685238" version="1" changeset="8634"/>
<node id="597928568" version="1" changeset="8634"/>

Then I need to send a POST request to this url:
Posting the XML from above, but the responde code is: 404
It's strange, because the URL exist, and so I not must response 404.
I haven't test with the production API, for obviously reasons.

Thanks in advance for your time.
Best regards from Chile

Álvaro Monares G.

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