[OSM-dev] Mediawiki extension to check relations

Andrew andrewhainosm at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Feb 27 10:52:50 GMT 2011

Many project pages in the OSM wiki have lists of route or boundary relations. I
am wondering whether a Mediawiki extension to detect corruption of the relations
would be useful.

Boundary relations are easy to check because a well-formed boundary consists of
one or more complete rings. Routes are less straightforward but the easiest
check would be that every way joins together; only ways joined at their ends
would count to guard against carelessly joined ways.

The existing wiki Relation and BrowseRelation templates would call the relation
checks and highlight ways that fail them. They would need to check tags from the
the API to establish whether reltions are route or boundary relations.

As well as the existing project pages, we could create a page with boundary
relations for every country in the world and use it to rapidly detect and repair
corruption of the borders.


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