[OSM-dev] Patch to osm2pgsql for faster updates

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 23 19:34:10 GMT 2011

On 23-1-2011 18:50, Tom Hughes wrote:

> Do we actually know that 9.0 is ok though? I was basing my comments on a
> single report of some preliminary tests at SOTM last year.

I've been using it on 2 servers for months. While I haven't done proper 
testing, it does feel faster than 8.4 which had been on those servers 
for at least over a year before.

It seems to depend mostly on your autovacuum settings, since 
fastupdate=on will apply the updated index only during a vacuum, or when 
the list has grown larger than work_mem.



9.0 did add the following:

"Use red-black binary trees for GIN index creation (Teodor Sigaev)

Red-black trees are self-balancing. This avoids slowdowns in cases where 
the input is in nonrandom order."



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