[OSM-dev] Converting OSM Mapnik stylesheet to Cascadenik or Carto

Komяpa me at komzpa.net
Fri Jul 29 12:04:43 BST 2011

> Have you ever tried to use kothic together witch tirex to live-render maps?
> I should not be that hard to write a render-backend for tirex that uses
> kothic, but I'm unsure if it would be fast(er)

Tirex is written in neither python nor javascript, and I'm really bad
at perl/C++. It would be nice to have "example python backend" for
tirex, but I haven't found one.

Also, as far as I can see, tirex is actively using image libraries and
metatiles. For Kothic JS regular tiles are metatiles already, so
chopping them again is not needed. If somebody shows me how to
generate/expire arbitrary tiled data with tirex I'd be happy to use
it, and probably to serve Kothic JS tiles to anyone.

About speed: browsers are being fixed right now, so probably in some
time rendering json right in browser will be as fast as png's.

Darafei "Komяpa" Praliaskouski
xmpp:me at komzpa.net mailto:me at komzpa.net

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