[OSM-dev] XAPI and using a home server

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Sun Mar 6 15:25:54 GMT 2011

> The only thing is that it ends with:
>     "runtime error: open64: 2 ./db/area_tags_local.bin File_Blocks:1"
> and does not provide the closing </osm-derived> tag.
> Do you have any suggestions on what might cause that?

Yes, it's a bug in the software. Thank you for reporting it. First, for a 
feasible workaround please place empty files with names
in the database directory. The probably fastest way is
touch area_tags_local.bin
touch area_tags_local.idx

The cause is a little bit intricate. OSM3S should allow for the usage of 
derived data structures, and as a showcase the handling of areas is included. 
This feature is not mature enough to offer it as part of the regular 
interface, but areas if present, can be printed with the print statement. 
Unfortunately, the print statement throws an error if a corresponding file of 
the database doesn't exist. While useful in general to find errors, its 
unhelpful for this optional data structure, which may be absent for good 

However, the workaround above should do it for the moment. I'll fix the 
behaviour, by making areas truly optional also in the print statement, with 
the next bugfix version.



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